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Best Endurance Supplements

We all face situations that require endurance.

Whether we need it during a long run, an intense workout, a long day at work, or in our person lives, endurance is a crucial part of life. Sometimes, though, natural endurance levels can be drained due to stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and other factors.

Thankfully, when endurance levels are low, there are specific supplements that may help boost and improve endurance to provide the strength and focus. Many supplements can boost endurance and energy levels, but here are some of the most widely used, best endurance supplements:

Maca is a superfood packed with endurance-boosting nutrients. The Peruvian herb native to the Andes Mountains is filled with B vitamins, essential amino acids, protein, and alkaloids that effectively and naturally support the body’s ability to progress and thrive. Maca root also contains adaptogen properties, which naturally aid the body in fighting off harmful organisms, which results in an immunity boost, along with supported endurance and adrenal glands.

Historically, Peruvian farmers would feed their livestock maca root and began noticing improved health, energy and fertility in the animals. Soon, farmers themselves began consuming maca root to improve their energy and endurance levels. Nowadays, maca is one of the most popular supplements for endurance, strength and sexual wellbeing. Worldwide, individuals enjoy the maca benefits and experience improved endurance training and energy thanks to maca that now come in convenient pill and powder form.

Yohimbe grows on tall, nutrient-rich evergreen trees native to Western Africa. For centuries, the men and women of West Africa have used the yohimbe bark for its endurance boosting properties.

Today, yohimbe is a popular supplement used by athletes and fitness gurus around the globe. Yohimbe supplements help improve circulation, focus, stamina, especially during intense exercise. The exotic bark also supports the body’s ability to use stored fat cells for energy.

Yohimbe bark contains alpha-2 blocking agents, which trigger a boost adrenaline and norepinephrine in the body during physical exertion. [1] Yohimbe supplement users often experience improved focus, energy levels, and endurance after taking yohimbe supplements.

Horny Goat Weed
Despite its giggle-prone name, horny goat weed has serious health and endurance-enhancing benefits. For more than 2,000 years traditional Chinese medicine has cultivated horny goat weed, not only for its libido enhancing properties, but for its ability to combat fatigue during intense exercise or physical exertion. Horny goat weed was traditionally consumed in a tea or beverage, but today horny goat weed supplements are a health and wellness staple.

Users of horny goat weed supplements often find improved endurance and focus during exercise, along with supported circulation and enhanced libido.

For hundreds of years, ginseng has been utilised by traditional Chinese herbalists for its ability to support circulation, heart health, immunity, and to improve both mental and physical energy. Ginseng supplements have rapidly become a staple in the health and fitness world because of its ability to promote better, longer, and more focused physical and mental activities.

Since ginseng is free of harsh stimulants, ginseng supplements promote endurance naturally, and while supportive of healthy energy levels, the Chinese herb also contains adaptogen qualities. These adaptogen qualities help the body utilise energy more efficiently and also support the immune system during times of physical and mental stress—leaving the body more energised.

Yerba Mate
Native to South America, yerba mate is plant that is commonly made into tea. The leaves and stems of yerba mate effectively stimulate the nervous system, resulting in improved focus and stamina in users.

Yerba mate is a natural source of caffeine that is found to provide longer lasting, more tolerable energy than coffee. This South American plant also contains nourishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that restore energy levels, promote muscle health, and support overall wellbeing.

This exotic mushroom has been long utilised in traditional Chinese medicine to provide energy and vitality in users. The mushroom actually coined the name, “The Mushroom of Immortality” in ancient China. Today, reishi mushroom is consumed worldwide for its vitality-boosting and endurance-enhancing capabilities.

Reishi mushroom is made up of amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, and triterpeniods that provide the body with a nutrient profile that’s ideal for supporting the body during times of physical exertion. Reishi capsules may also help support muscle maintenance and growth, making it a terrific addition to an exercise regimen.

Bee Pollen
This superfood is packed with amino acids, proteins, and an array of vitamins that naturally and effectively support endurance levels. Bee Pollen is made of pollen, royal jelly, and nectar; made by hard-working honeybees. Since bee pollen cannot be made artificially, and is only found in the hives of honeybees, bee pollen is a rare, nourishing superfood that has been long used to improve stamina, energy and to promote longevity.

Bee pollen coined the name “The Life Giving Dust” by ancient Romans and Greeks for its healing and revitalising qualities. Because bee pollen is made up of complex B vitamins and amino acids, the superfood supports the body’s ability to thrive, especially during times of stress. Also filled with antioxidants, bee pollen supports healthy ageing and immunity.

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