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Best Supplements For Men’s Health | Best Vitamins For Men

Men have specific healthcare needs that require targeted vitamins and supplements. With so many options, though, choosing what supplements to take can be confusing, overwhelming and daunting. However, there are certain herbs and vitamins for men that are especially beneficial to men’s health and wellbeing. Discover seven of the best supplements for men and the positive affect they have on men’s health.

Naturally found in tomatoes, carrots, and human skin, lycopene is a red carotene and carotenoid that has a vibrant red color. [1] Carotene and carotenoids not only provide antioxidant power, but they may also provide cardiovascular support and promote male fertility.

An Indian study found men who took 2000 micrograms of a lycopene supplement, twice daily for three months, had a significant improvement in sperm count, morphology and motility. [1] Other studies have found lycopene supplements to have a positive effect on cholesterol and heart health, especially in adult males, making lycopene one of the very best supplements for men.

Yohimbe has been used to boost libido and support men’s sexual health for hundreds of years. Historically, African natives would use yohimbe for its aphrodisiac qualities and today, yohimbe supplements are used to not only promote sexual vitality, but also to support endurance and athletic performance. Yohimbe supplements have a reputation for being one of the greatest vitamins for men.

Yohimbe is native to Western Africa and grows on evergreen trees. The bark became hugely popular in Europe and western cultures, after being discovered by German missionaries, to help combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction and impotence by stimulating blood flow, boosting adrenaline and stimulated pelvic nerve endings.

Although yohimbe is commonly used for the benefits it has on sexual health, yohimbe also promotes athletic endurance and energy. Since yohimbe supplements contain an alpha-2-adrenergi blocking agent, adrenaline and norepinephrine within the body may be increased—triggering a fight or flight response that promotes focus and an optimal training session. [2]

Sal Palmetto
Saw palmetto comes from rich, purple berries that grow along warm, costal regions. Historically, Native Americans would used saw palmetto not only support prostate and urinary tract health in men but also as tonic to soothe pain. Today, saw palmetto supplements are widely popular in supporting men’s health, with specific benefits on the prostate.

Saw palmetto has an affect on men’s testosterone levels too. Several studies have found that men taking a saw palmetto supplement experienced a natural testosterone boost. [3] This natural testosterone boost may have a positive affect on men’s sexual health, athletic performance, mood and overall wellbeing.

Zinc is a popular mineral to help strengthen immunity and combat colds, but zinc is especially beneficial to men because of its crucial role in maintaining prostate and testosterone health. Often, low zinc correlates to low semen and testosterone levels, but luckily zinc is found in many foods high in protein and fiber. Zinc supplements are also a popular and convenient option.

Zinc supplements may also help you avoid irritating colds going around too. Zinc is an essential mineral, meaning that our bodies cannot produce zinc by itself, making it necessary to get zinc from foods or a supplement. Zinc plays a role in protein synthesis, immune system functions, and DNA maintenance and creation.

Maca is a Peruvian superfood packed with wholesome nutrients. Maca root grows on the Andes Mountains and is filled with vitamins, essential amino acids, protein, and alkaloids that have long nourished Peruvian natives. Maca root has become a staple supplement in men’s healthcare because it supports an array of functions, including sexual health, cardiovascular health and immunity.

The Peruvian herb contains adaptogen properties, which naturally aid the body in fighting off harmful organisms, which is especially beneficial for men who are experience physically or mental stress. These adaptogen qualities result in an immunity boost, supported endurance and adrenal gland health.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is important for everyone. Not only is vitamin C an essential vitamin that helps protect our cells from free radical damage, but vitamin C tablets also boost the immune system, produce collagen, and ensure blood vessel health. Vitamin C is commonly made into vitamin C tablets, capsules, juices, serums and creams. Vitamin C is especially popular in recent men’s skin care products—given that vitamin C promotes healthy collagen production.

B-Complex Vitamin
B vitamins are simply essential to human health and vitality. A B-complex vitamin contains the essential, water-soluble B vitamins that support everything from cellular metabolism to hair growth to nervous system health. Everyone needs to get these important B vitamins either from food or a B vitamin supplement, but men especially need B vitamins as they age.

As men become older, they may become more susceptible to hair loss, cardiovascular problems and low energy. B vitamins play key roles in these functions and may combat these issues if they’re related to low B vitamin levels.

Vitamin B12 maintains nerve and blood cell health, and B vitamins also play an important role in preventing anemia, which is a condition that causes tiredness and weakness. Men who have a deficiency in B12 may have low energy. Biotin supplements also support men’s health by promoting healthy hair growth and maintenance.

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