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Native to Western Africa, yohimbe bark grows on evergreen trees that grow up to heights of 90 feet. Yohimbe comes from the bark of these exotic trees and has been used for hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac and energy booster in Cameroon, Congo, Gabon and Nigeria. Although yohimbe is most commonly known for its sexual health properties, yohimbe supplements support an array of bodily functions.

Today, yohimbe supplements are used worldwide to support many bodily functions, including endurance, weight management, mood, energy levels, sexual health and overall vitality. While the health benefits of yohimbe are lengthy and impressive, and here are six of the most promising and exciting yohimbe benefits:

Healthy Ageing
Yohimbe is packed with antioxidants that support healthy ageing by protecting cells from free radicals. We’re constantly exposed to free radicals that come from pollution, tobacco smoke, or even the foods we eat. These inevitable free radicals we encounter each day have the ability to prematurely age us inside and out. Thankfully, antioxidants may have the power to protect delicate cells from free radical damage— helping to preserve the body’s youth and health.

Yohimbe also contains alpha-2 adrenergic blocking properties that help maintain the body’s natural stress responses and support nervous system health. These properties also support mental clarity and focus, which tend to normally decline with age. Yohimbe supplements may help support graceful, healthy ageing with antioxidants and alpha-2 adrenergic blocking agents.

Sexual Health
African natives have used yohimbe to boost libido and support sexual health for centuries. The evergreen bark also became widely popular in Europe, after being discovered by European missionaries, to help treat erectile dysfunction and impotence by stimulating blood flow and dilating blood vessels. Yohimbe also has been known to promote adrenaline and stimulate pelvic nerve endings—resulting in supported sexual health in both men and women.

Traditionally, yohimbe was made into a tea, used topically, or chewed by African natives. When the exotic bark began to gain popularity among Europeans, yohimbe supplements, such as yohimbe capsules and yohimbe extracts, became commonplace. Today, yohimbe supplements for sexual health support are sold in many health and nutrition stores around the world.

Cardiovascular Health
Yohimbine, yohimbe’s alkaloid derivative, supports normal blood flow and circulation, while supporting heart health. Since yohimbine is an alpha-blocker, chemicals within the body are activated to stimulate healthy blood flow, which not only supports the cardiovascular system, but also sexual functions.

Raubasine, which is an alkaloid also found in yohimbe, is also commonly used in the treatment of peripheral arterial disorders, along with promoting cardiovascular wellbeing. [1]

Athletic Performance
Yohimbe supplements are quickly becoming a staple in many athletes’ fitness regimens. Not only does yohimbe extract promote healthy circulation and dilation of the blood vessels in the body during exercise, yohimbe capsules also may support the use of fat cells for energy.

Yohimbine within yohimbe bark is an alpha-2-adrenergi blocking agent, which may boost adrenaline and norepinephrine within the body—triggering a fight or flight response that promotes focus and an optimal training session. [2] Many yohimbe users experience better focus and energy levels during exercise after taking a yohimbe supplement.

Weight Management
Yohimbe extracts are made up of alkaloids that may help to support fat loss by blocking certain body receptors that can trigger the body to store fat. Yohimbe aids the body in using fat for energy rather than storing it. Some research has displayed that yohimbe breaks down fats by increasing the amount of non-esterified fatty acids. [3]

Also supportive of appetite, yohimbe capsules may help you feel fuller for longer and combat feelings of hunger. Some studies have shown that yohimbine decreases hunger pangs and lessons calorie intake in yohimbe supplement users. [4]

Yohimbe’s fat metabolising and blocking properties, along with appetite suppressing qualities, effectively support weight loss efforts.

Naturally a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), yohimbe supports an energised, balanced and focused mood. MAOIs are commonly used to support a positive mood. Historically, West African natives would use yohimbe in tea or tonic to improve mood and athletic performance, especially prior to intense exercise or lengthy travels and hunts.

Today, yohimbe users often experience feelings of well-being and a boost of energy after consuming a yohimbe capsule or yohimbe powder.

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